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Alpine Finger Orchid

Growing up in Hobart, the nearby Mt Field National Park has always held a special place in my heart. It’s almost like a “Best Of Tasmanian Wilderness” only 50 minutes from the capital city. The Tarn Shelf, in the alpine reaches of the park exudes a primeval atmosphere. Offsetting the rocks, small lakes and twisted Pencil Pines, delicate orchids like the Alpine Finger Orchid (Caladenia Alpina) emerge in the sheltered areas of the Tarn Shelf. I chose to photograph this stunning orchid as it evokes one of the defining aspects of Tasmania’s landscape; delicate beauty flourishing in a seemingly hostile environment.
Autumn Leaf Greeting Card - Tasmanian Handmade Nature Photography - Myrtle and Me

Autumn Leaf

Sometimes, the little things can be enough to brighten your day. Autumn in Tasmania is my favourite season but it often gets a bad rap, being accused of grey and dreary weather. So one day, when the sun burst from the clouds on a drizzly Hobart afternoon bathing the tiny droplets on this golden leaf in light, I knew I had found something to showcase what I love about Autumn.
Cradle Mountain - Handmade Bamboo Cufflinks - Myrtle & Me - Tasmanian Handmade

Bamboo Cufflinks

Blue Buttongrass Brooch - Tasmanian Handmade Jewellery

Best Of Tasmania

Blue Wren - Pendant (Medium)-Pendant-Myrtle & Me

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Black Currawong Bird Necklace - Tasmanian Handmade Nature Jewellery - Myrtle and Me

Black Currawong

Nothing else evokes the atmosphere of a Tassie rainforest better than the haunting call of the Black Currawong. Sure, there may be more stunning birds in Tasmania... For me though, their cheeky personality, striking yellow eyes and sleek, black plumage along with that call make them an irreplaceable part of the Tasmanian landscape. I photographed this particular character on the Tasman Peninsula, near the historic Port Arthur site.
Blue Blossom Greeting Card - Tasmanian Small Business - Myrtle and Me

Blue Blossom

You don’t always have to trek into the wilderness to appreciate nature. Sometimes, the most beautiful things are right on your doorstep. The combination of strolling through Hobart on a crisp Spring morning, coffee in hand, and soaking in the first blossoms of the season whilst they bask in the precious morning light is something truly magical.

Blue Spring Blossom

Blue Wren Handmade Dangle Earrings - Tasmanian Jewellery - Myrtle & Me

Blue Wren


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Buttongrass- Greeting Card


The iconic buttongrass of the Tasmanian wilderness. The unique shape of this moorland plant creates the perfect silhouette to really capture the essence of this wild island. I photographed this buttongrass at the Vale Of Belvoir reserve near Cradle Mountain. The Vale is a true biodiversity hotspot, featuring some of the biggest concentrations of precious Tasmanian flora and fauna.

Christmas Cards

Chudleigh Tasmania Rose Dangle Earrings - Australian Handmade Jewellery

Chudleigh Rose

Nestled in the Meander Valley, between the Great Western Tiers and the majestic Gog Range lies the little pocket of the world which Myrtle & Me calls home. 

The village of Chudleigh was founded in 1866 on land originally inhabited by the Pallittorre people for thousands of years before that. Today it’s a stunningly quaint blend of native and European landscapes. Beautifully maintained roses line the main road through Chudleigh which gives the name “The Village Of Roses”. This particular rose was in our own garden and for me, symbolises the romance and sublime beauty of a rural summer.

Coal On The Beach

Life at Port Arthur was tough for regular convicts. But few people know, it got even tougher. For the worst or unlucky offenders, they were sent to the nearby mines, up to 300 ft underground to dig for coal to provide fuel for the colony. The conditions were harsh, dark and damp with repeat offenders being confined to solitary cells within the mine. When the site was eventually abandoned, nature reclaimed the site and its buildings. Ruins and coal shale on the beach are all that remains of this dark chapter in Tasmanian history.
Convict Church At Port Arthur Tasmania- Handmade Dangle Earrings - Myrtle & Me

Convict Church

One of the iconic landmarks of the historic Port Arthur site. The convict church was used for prisoners of different denominations. Sporting a wooden steeple and a peal of bells, it made for an imposing structure. Sadly, the steeple blew down in a storm and the rest of the church was damaged in a bushfire. All that remains now is this beautiful, brick skeleton. Its open-air structure and dramatic setting, nestled amongst greenery and the historic site now makes it a popular site for weddings and other special occasions.
Cradle Mountain - Tasmanian Wilderness Photography - Greeting Card

Cradle Mountain

Mention Tasmania and most people will think of either the Tassie Devil or Cradle Mountain. Carved by glaciers and surrounded by glacial lakes and ancient forest, Cradle Mountain is THE place to visit for every tourist in Tasmania. To capture the awe-inspiring atmosphere of Cradle Mountain, I took this photograph in the quiet hour before sunrise. This created a unique shot of Cradle Mountain silhouetted and mirrored in the still dawn waters of Dove Lake.
Cradle Mountain - Handmade Bamboo Cufflinks - Myrtle & Me - Tasmanian Handmade


Wear your art on your sleeve with these classic handmade cufflinks! If attention to detail is your strong suit, then these unisex cufflinks will fit the bill. Featuring original Myrtle & Me photography of the distinctive Tasmanian flora and fauna, these handmade wonders can act as the perfect accent to a tie, brooch or earrings or stand powerfully alone in their own right. Carefully created from sustainably sourced bamboo, glass and silver-plated backs, these tiny treasures will add a touch of Tasmania to any outfit.
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