Tasmanian Jewellery Straight From Nature

The Wonderful Story Of Myrtle & Me

As a husband and wife in business together, we experience the highs and lows of every aspect of life as one whole. Myrtle & Me is the culmination of our passions, talents and the inspiration we receive from a life lived amongst the distinctive flora and fauna of the Meander Valley in Tasmania. Sharing a little piece of our world with you is our greatest honour, although the path here wasn’t always direct! With Jocelyn initially training in Natural Environmental and Wilderness Studies and Michael in Music Technology, handmade Tasmanian jewellery isn’t the natural career trajectory that may spring to mind initially. But the connection to nature was always present and oh-so strong. What’s most important, of course, is that every moment since Myrtle & Me’s establishment in November 2015 has been the absolute perfect match of skills and interests for both of us.

As for the mystery of our name? Well, the ‘Me’ is for one half of our duo – Jocelyn. And the Myrtle? That’s in honour of the majestic myrtle trees that grow in Tasmania, especially in the heart of the Tarkine forests. So now you’ve got that little piece of trivia under your belt, let us share a bit more of our story with you…

“I created the business because I love Tasmanian nature and wanted to celebrate and share it through my photography. It was the surprise of my life that this is the way things have turned out. I was simply following my passions, and when I completed my Diploma of Fine Arts in Photography, creating our jewellery became the perfect way to share my art and heart. I spent months trying to work out what the most sustainable approach to all aspects of the business would be when setting it up. And we have been operating for quite some time now, so we’re able to refine our designs and sustainability strategies year-on-year.”

- Jocelyn Parry-Jones

Art and nature: a magical combination

From the youngest ages, we have been one with nature thanks to healthy encouragement to get into the great outdoors from our parents. As a Hobart original (and an honourary NSW-born Tasmanian-for-life) and as regular visitors to ‘the wild’, we have gained a deep connection to Tasmania’s natural environments and understanding of its unique flora and fauna. Upon meeting as a couple, our passions for art and nature combined. Not only in what we produced professionally but also in the ways we went about it. Sustainability and ecological sensitivity are part of our personal ethos as a couple and at the forefront of everything we do. As we decided to set up Myrtle & Me and bring art and nature together, sustainability practices were painstakingly built into the process. From sourcing materials for products and packaging, to the processes of production and distribution, the greatest care has been taken to minimise our impact on our planet… and we wouldn’t have it any other way…

A life amongst the hills and valleys

A source of constant inspiration for us is the fact we live amongst the scenery we’re representing through our work. It was a big move to pack up our life in Hobart and start again in the country, but without a doubt, the right one. Our country retreat in the Meander Valley is an oasis of rolling green hills and invitations to the outdoor wonderland that surrounds us. Being fully self-employed and able to engage with this space on our terms has truly been the fulfilment of our greatest life ambitions.

“I may not have been born in Tasmania, but as I teenager, I used to visit with my family, and the cool, temperate rainforests and misty mountains left an indelible mark on me. I have been captivated ever since! It inspires the music I create, and everything I do. I love that alongside my greatest passion has now also become my work, and that I get to live and work in such an inspiring setting. Getting to work with my wonderful partner in life, and in business, is just the icing on the cake!”

- Michael Kennedy

The Myrtle & Me Difference

Our products are:

  • Unique: Each design is distinctively Myrtle & Me and tells the story of the Tasmanian wilderness.
  • Stylish: Colourful, eclectic and thoroughly modern in design, our pieces compliment any outfit and any occasion.
  • Ethically produced: Our approach to sustainability has been carefully thought out at every step of the business
  • For everyone: We have a little bit of everything to suit what you fancy… From greeting cards to stud earrings, cufflinks to necklaces, our creations are timeless and ageless.

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