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Our Story

Designed and crafted in Tasmania’s picturesque Meander Valley, Myrtle & Me’s unique jewellery is both sustainable and beautiful.

Handmade with love and a meticulous attention to detail, the jewellery is based on Jocelyn Parry-Jones’ stunning photographs of Australian flora and fauna.

With a passion for nature, Myrtle & Me creates a minimal environmental footprint, using sustainable materials wherever possible.

"My name is Jocelyn and I am a Tasmanian artist who draws inspiration from my love of nature. I consider myself very fortunate to live on this island state of Australia with so many wild places to explore. I enjoy the close proximity between beaches, alpine environments and cool temperate rainforests. There are also several species of flora and fauna which are endemic to this small landmass. One of the most famous is of course the Tasmanian Devil. I heard one screeching in the bush as a child and ran for my life thinking it was a monster!

The activities that I enjoy the most are hiking and photography. I love to capture images which can then be made into beautiful jewellery. I use sustainable materials where possible. Many of my pieces feature bamboo and recycled silver.

The photograph contained within the pendant below is of a myrtle tree that I saw when hiking our famous Overland Track trail. I named my business after this tree as it is so incredibly beautiful. If you have experienced Tasmania's cool temperate rainforest you will understand. If not, I encourage you to come and visit this wondrous and wild island at the bottom of the world."