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Black Currawong

Nothing else evokes the atmosphere of a Tassie rainforest better than the haunting call of the Black Currawong. Sure, there may be more stunning birds in Tasmania... For me though, their cheeky personality, striking yellow eyes and sleek, black plumage along with that call make them an irreplaceable part of the Tasmanian landscape. I photographed this particular character on the Tasman Peninsula, near the historic Port Arthur site.
  • Black Currawong - Pendant (Medium)
  • Black Currawong - Drop Earrings
  • Black Currawong - Brooch
  • Black Currawong - Greeting Card
  • Black Currawong - Pendant (Large)
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  • Black Currawong - Stud Earrings
  • Black Currawong - Pendant (Small)