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Autumn Leaf

Sometimes, the little things can be enough to brighten your day. Autumn in Tasmania is my favourite season but it often gets a bad rap, being accused of grey and dreary weather. So one day, when the sun burst from the clouds on a drizzly Hobart afternoon bathing the tiny droplets on this golden leaf in light, I knew I had found something to showcase what I love about Autumn.
  • Autumn Leaf - Greeting Card
  • Autumn Leaf - Pendant (Medium)-Pendant-Myrtle & Me
  • Autumn Leaf - Pendant (Large)-Pendant-Myrtle & Me
  • Autumn Leaf - Brooch-Brooch-Myrtle & Me
  • Autumn Leaf - Cufflinks-Cufflinks-Myrtle & Me
  • Autumn Leaf - Drop Earrings
  • Autumn Leaf - Stud Earrings
  • Autumn Leaf - Pendant (Small)