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Sassafras Flower

Carpeting the rainforest floor with its delicate flowers and filling the cool, damp air with aromatic scent, the Sassafras is one of the classic rainforest species of Tasmania.
  • Sassafras Flower - Tasmanian Wilderness Photography Greeting Card - Overland Track
  • Sassafras Flower Necklace - Tasmanian Nature Jewellery - Overland Track - Cradle Mountain
  • Sassafras Tree Flower Handmade Brooch - Cradle Mountain - Tasmanian Jewellery
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  • Sassafras Flower Nature Pendant - Tasmanian Wilderness Photography - Myrtle & Me
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  • Sassafras Flower Handmade Necklace- Tasmanian Nature Jewellery - Myrtle & Me