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Gum Tree

Anyone who travels regularly between the north and south of Tasmania knows that the Tasmanian Midlands is a fascinating area. Full of rolling hills, sheep and some of the most spectacular sunsets and night skies anywhere. And if anyone has stopped on the way or ventured down a side road, they know another defining feature; near-total silence. I feel like this solitary Gum Tree, silhouetted against the setting sun encapsulates the feeling of stunning quietude.
  • Gum Tree - Greeting Card
  • Gum Tree - Pendant (Medium)-Pendant-Myrtle & Me
  • Gum Tree - Brooch-Brooch-Myrtle & Me
  • Gum Tree - Cufflinks-Cufflinks-Myrtle & Me
  • Gum Tree - Stud Earrings
  • Gum Tree - Drop Earrings
  • Gum Tree - Pendant - (Large)-Pendant-Myrtle & Me
  • Gum Tree - Pendant (Small)