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Everlasting Daisy

Growing amongst the rocks and seemingly barren landscapes of the Tasmanian wilderness, tiny displays of beautiful but resilient life shine through. These are some of my favourite images to capture as they sum up one of my favourite aspects of Tasmanian nature. Climbing to the top of Frenchmans Cap on the rugged west coast, I was met with this exquisite Everlasting Daisy, growing beneath a rock. Everlasting beauty.
  • Everlasting Daisy - Greeting Card
  • Everlasting Daisy - Pendant (Medium)
  • Everlasting Daisy - Brooch
  • Everlasting Daisy - Stud Earrings
  • Everlasting Daisy - Drop Earrings
  • Deciduous Beech - Pendant (Medium)
  • Everlasting Daisy - Pendant (Large)